Welcome to Balakrishna and Co Learning Platform

We at Balakrishna and Co., strive hard to train our team members including Article Student to learn the concepts. Learning Management System (LMS) is one such initiative to train the team through videos, presentations followed by online tests.

We have designed CA Practice Syllabus which will help the team to execute the work better.

The LMS benefits are :

✔ All the learning materials are stored in one location. We have added videos shot at the office demonstrating the actual work.

✔ The information is stored in cloud-based platform and the team members can view the information anytime anywhere.

✔ Helps to track the learner progress and performance.

✔ Regular updates on all compliance regulations.

✔ Helps the articles student to prepare for their CA Exams. Truly, our office offers a great opportunity for CA Students to learn both work and prepare for the exams.

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